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A Total Reframe

of all your hopes, wishes, & desires

Coaching that is congruent to your wholeness
and for the benefit of your team, customers, family & friends

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future. Concentrate the mind on the present moment.”

The Buddha

Uproot The Limitations

holding you back from your full potential


  • How can I boost the productivity of my team (myself included)?
  • Why am I simply unable to execute on what I know will be constructive for me?
  • Am I fully supporting my team in the best ways possible?
  • Why do I feel powerless in meetings?


  • Why is money no longer making me content?
  • Why do I keep letting emotions take over reason?
  • Why do people misunderstand me? How can I have more harmonious relationships?
  • I’ve lost my passion. How can I find excitement? Where can I find new experiences?

What Can I Gain?

What You Can Look Forward To

  • Decrease anxiety by 20%
    within the first two meetings
  • Stop the hamster wheel
    of thought
  • Work out solutions
    to problems faster
  • Realize new opportunities
    you couldn’t see before
  • Feel calmer in your body,
    healthier in your mind & spirit
  • Become less isolated and
    more integrated with your world
  • Come to agreement with
    your team faster & easier
  • Pinpoint your Achilles heels
    and strengthen them

We were looking for something different from the “t-shirt getting” cultural consultant. We had a great team, but wanted to maintain strength while growing. Jeffrey took a unique approach — he helped our people reach personal goals and expose talents & desires for themselves so their overall approach to life and work was always improving. We really enjoyed it and the results were evident.

Kimberly Cunningham headshot Kimberly Cunningham
VP of Operations
A W Direct

Jeff is exceptional. Extremely reliable and open-minded, he possesses an impressively creative mind and outstanding communication skills. At the same time, his remarkable analytical skills equip him with the capability of presenting highly complex issues in a comprehensible and lucid manner. His outstanding problem-solving qualities and strength in imagining unconventional solutions are a valuable asset for any business.

Jan Busse headshot Jan Busse
Lecturer & Research Fellow
Bundeswehr University Munich, Germany

One of the most passionate and critical-thinking people I know, Jeff has an innovative mind and an admirable character. He's straight-forward and warm when consulting and would surely be an invaluable asset to any business looking to improve the way they operate.

Jena McRae Schwirtz headshot Jena McRae Schwirtz
Director Of Administrative Operations

Jeff’s ability to deeply see my wholeness resonated with the freedom within me. He holds this door wide open, helping me to move beyond limiting beliefs and most importantly, live the fullest expression of my awakened nature. Life is so much easier & joyful with loving support from a guide like Jeff who grounds me.

Nina Maghsoodi headshot Nina Maghsoodi
Integrative Health Practitioner

How Does It Work?

With You at Every Step

  1. Free consultation An informal getting-to-know-you call. Book yours now!
  2. on-boarding Fill out a questionnaire about yourself
  3. Initial Call Deep listening to understand you better
  4. identify goals We’ll outline your ideals together
  5. run with it Keep on keepin’ on til you complete your goals
  6. deep Dive We can dig even deeper if you need it

Coaching Packages

Suited to your needs

Book your free 30-min. session now

8-week Package

  • Four 35-minute phone calls every two weeks designed to open you to your own power and inherent capacity for change.
  • An intro to coaching and who you are and are capable of becoming and being.
  • The ‘dirty work’ happens fast in a committed environent allowing bright new light of clarity to come through, connecting you to capability and clarity you wouldn’t usually experience.

12-week Package

  • Six 35-minute phone calls every two weeks designed to open you to your inherent capability and next steps.
  • An intensive offering that will support you in meeting your deepest internal needs, which we will ardently uncover & understand.
  • A wiser, more open self develops within the first few weeks, allowing old cluttered thoughts to dissolve and fall apart. The new you gets infused brighter and brighter with every call, creating patterns and tapping sources of huge capacity for more growth and self-encouragement.
  • By week 5, old, unproductive patterns are gone. The new you begins a beautiful blossoming.
  • By weeks 9-11, the soft-shell post-transmutation is forming and the birthright of self-compassion happens easily.

All packages include

  • 35-minute phone call every two weeks
  • Text messaging between calls (light)
  • Easy-to-use scheduling
  • Upon request, a recording of your session
  • Optional Deep Dive: a 4-week opportunity for clearing and reformatting before big life or company experiences

Add-On: 4-Week Deep Dive

A great way to clear the way at times of highest intensity and convert challenges to opportunities.

  • Before a big conference, life event or business decision, double down with this add-on to the coaching package you choose.
  • Convert two of the 35-minute sessions to 1-hour sessions
  • On top of that, add two extra 1-hour sessions for a total of four-weeks of 1 hour/week deep-dive sessions.

About Your Coach

Jeff Berlin headshot 1

Jeff Berlin can help you experience clarity & ease during this powerful time of global change that is changing all elements of society as we know it.

Since he was young child, he wanted to serve others. At twenty-one, he had a realization: in order to access to the tools needed for real change to occur externally, he would have to be totally open & vulnerable within.

Thus a journey began that took him inside his heart and the world’s institutions of power at the same time. He studied at the London School of Economics, worked at the United Nations in Rome and served a stint for the mayor of San Francisco. This led to corporate law and finance opportunities abroad and a coaching career. As he worked, he observed the dilemmas facing the world’s institutions as open-heartedly as he could.

These observations and experiences led Jeff into the coaching practice he has today.

Integrating his experience in government & business with his fearless intuition, Jeff now creates spacious channels of love, care and compassion for gigantic ripple-effects of benefit to occur throughout our world.

  • University of California, Berkeley • magna cum laude
  • London School of Economics • Merit Scholar
  • United Nations World Food Programme • Rome, Italy
  • Mayor’s Office • San Francisco City Hall
  • General Manager at Law Firm • Mumbai, India
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